The trail groomer at Long Lake Conservation Center (LLCC) hit the trails for the first time this season on Dec. 3, and the public is now invited to enjoy these trails free of charge.

While many seek the warmer indoors for the duration of Minnesota’s winter season, staff at LLCC encourage all to explore the outdoors by hitting the trails or seizing the learning opportunities offered at the center.

LLCC provides skis or snowshoes to visitors wishing to witness the scenery available there. There is no charge, though visitors are asked to call in advance of their arrival.


The Minnesota Master Naturalist Course is held at LLCC on Jan. 27-31, 2020. Activities will include birding, animal tracking, snowshoe and ski trekking, tree identification and more. Meals and lodging can be included with the course, at an added cost.

Those interested should visit for more information, and to register.

LLCC also offers several community workshops through the winter and spring. On Feb. 29, all are invited to participate in “Sally’s Magical Bog Interpretive Hike/Snowshoe,” a guided tour of Long Lake’s cathedral bog.

On March 21, LLCC will hold a wreath-making class. The class will be mostly indoors, but will include an optional outdoor tree identification portion.

On April 7, Chris Hagen will teach a class about birch bark crafting. The class will cover birch bark harvesting and the chance to build a birch bark ornament. This class is also mostly indoors, with an outdoor portion geared towards tree identification and bark harvesting.

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