Well folks, even the most staunch skeptic of the coaching style of P.J. Fleck and the Minnesota Gopher football team members have to be smiling after their win over favored Auburn in the Outback Bowl on New Years Day.

You had to love this team, from its All-American and flamboyant coaching system to the cheerleading on the sideline. You might think Fleck is just that, a cheerleader, but he knows the game. He knows how to fire his team up and he is just sneaky enough to fool the opposition from time to time.

The Gophers saved the best for last to be sure and they took the Tigers to task again and again, and came away with the biggest bowl win in recent memory for the maroon and gold. Nice job Gophers, keep rowing the boat, we’re all starting to believe a little more every day. These guys are not your fathers’ Gophers!

It has been a long year for the Aitkin All-Starz and they have posted some scores that in other years would have been deemed unbelievable, but this is a different year and although they will never make excuses, here are some points to think about. This is a team that has an average age of 14.7 years. It has changed routines during the season, and has some dancers who decided to pursue other interests, which happens from time to time. This is a program that is very proud of its accomplishments. The All-Starz have been to the state competition for somewhere in the vicinity of forever and as they look to the section meet in less than a month, they face the real possibility of that streak coming to an end.

It’s very easy to throw blame around these days and that doesn’t help but this fact I know, these young ladies, young as they are, will not quit and will not give up until the season officially comes to an end. They are young, mostly inexperienced and are feeling the pressure. This year will be a learning experience for them and whether they make it to state or not they deserve the respect of all of us and our continued support. Stay tough and work hard ladies, better days are coming.

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