Well folks, I have held my tongue about characters like Colin Kaepernick and the like for quite a while and for good reason. It is a volatile subject and one that people have one of two opinions, but I can’t be silent any longer. It’s not about the former NFL quarterback and his hypocritical outlooks on life.

This one falls squarely on the shoulders of Megan Rapinoe, one of the stars of the USA World Cup womens’ soccer team. She has done a number of different things during the tournament when the National Anthem is being played, from kneeling or not putting her hand on her heart. Now I know she’s all about her agenda.

Most of the time, that’s okay, but this much I know. When you are playing for the United States of America and you are wearing its uniform, you better darn well be standing. The part about putting your hand over your heart is one thing, but the kneeling is a direct insult to our American flag and anthem and she knows it.

If you think this type of behavior is advancing your cause, think again. All it does is infuriate your fellow countrymen and further alienate you from the fans. I love this country and acts like this make me think that it is falling further away from the things that made our country strong in the first place. I understand that people have the right to feel changes are needed. That’s what makes our country better, but the kneeling during a solemn celebration of our freedom tells me you could care less.

You made the United States look bad in front of the world, Megan, and to coin an age old phrase, “If you don’t love it, leave it.” This country has pretty much made you who you are and I’m not sure what else you want from us.

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