Well folks, the thing you have to take from the Gophers beating at the hands of the Badgers last Saturday is that the attitude has to change for Minnesota fans. P.J. Fleck said after the game that we can’t go back to that “here we go again” philosophy and know that the program is on the upswing. As frustrated as I was after the loss, I too have to change my thought process and be happy with a 10-2 regular season and the fact that we will get a great bowl game to wind up the season. The Gophers lose 13 great seniors but bring back a nucleus of outstanding football players and will be a contender for years to come. I think the Big Ten also knows that we will no longer be the bottom feeder of the conference and will be a force to reckon with in coming seasons.

I also have some thoughts about the Gobblers home opener last week against a very good Pine City team and that is that the Gobbler girls will get better as the season progresses. Yes, they are stinging from the 88-20 defeat and the fact that three of their potentially best players decided not to play this year but life goes on and the roster is full of potential for the remainder of the season. It was unfortunate that they opened with one of the best teams around, the talent-laden Tigers who boast a pair of 2,000 point scorers and Division 1 prospects but they took the loss and are ready to come back this week against Milaca.

I hope that fans will stick with this crew and watch how they figure things out over the course of a tough schedule. I promise you they will give everything they have every game, and things will improve. Maybe not as fast as they hope, but they will improve.

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