Well folks, here comes 2021, and the world of sports is ready for another year.

The past 12 months have seen so much change what with Covid-19: suspension of seasons, state tournaments gone, professional players living in a bubble, no crowds at the games that were played. It was just a mess.

What do we look forward to in 2021? I asked a group of fans from around the area and here’s what they hope for in the new year.

Jeff Laird, former Gobbler now living in Nebraska: “I would love to see all levels of athletes show more respect to other teams, players, officials and, most importantly, the game itself. Too much showboating goes on. Make a play, pump your fist and go on to the next play.”

Mike Sorenson, former McGregor starter: “I would love to see the return of spring sports for the high schools. They got cheated last year.”

Katie Cline: “I would love to see the sports, not the politics. I want to see crowds at the games again and have real people in the stadium. I actually want to stand in line forever to get an overpriced hot dog.”

William Carroll: “I would love to see a positive Timberwolves team.”

Connie MacDonald Gretschmann: “Respect for the American flag and national anthem. Those Vikings players that weaved back and forth during the anthem make me sick.”

Becky Robinson Monse: “I’d like to see the pro players become more like college teams, playing for the love of the game and not so much the money.”

Jim Cline, former Gobbler living in San Diego: “The Vikings to win the Super Bowl, not sure it will happen in 2021.” (It won’t, Jim – they didn’t make the playoffs).

Sheila Amundson Johnson: “I would like to hear more about the good things the pro athletes do for the community and fans that support them.”

It was fun to get the comments from residents and former athletes on the state of sports for 2021. It might make you think about what you would like to see in the new year.

Myself, I would just like to see a return to some kind of normalcy, we never really appreciated what we had until it was gone.

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