Well folks, the Minnesota Twins announced with sadness last week that the annual Twinsfest and its winter caravan have both been canceled for this year.

It was no surprise what with the world situation right now, but we always looked forward to the Twins coming to town and giving us a chance to visit, take pictures and find out the prospects for the upcoming season. Hopefully 2021 will be different and by this time next year we will be looking forward to a visit again.

There has been a lot of discussion as to why Section 7AAA was one of the few that didn’t feel the need to crown a Section football champion this season, opting to play the two semi-final games and leave it at that. It may hit a little closer to home this season because the Gobblers had an excellent chance to win the title and advance to the State playoffs. The Section final would have been the end of the line this year anyway due to the earlier restrictions but it doesn’t ease the pain much when you could have added a nice piece of hardware to the trophy case. I do have to say that it was pretty nice to be able to watch area teams in action on YouTube and other live streams during the fall season. It’s the wave of the future I’m thinking. I know it’s not the newest in technology but it’s pretty new to us.

I’m sure everyone is aware by this time that the earliest that high school teams can start their winter drills is midnight on Dec. 18 pending any more restrictions put out by Gov. Walz.

My guess is if teams begin workouts the next Monday, Dec. 21, games would be able to be scheduled after the first of the year. At this stage nobody is getting their hopes up too high since things don’t seem to be slowing down, but if you need a positive thought look to 2021.   

One of the casualities of the current “pause” is the bowling season and things have come to a halt at Aitkin Lanes. Hopefully leagues will get going again, probably in January and see where the season goes from there. Take-out is available but no bowling at this time.

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