Well folks, I guess it’s inevitable as we grow older that this kind of thing is going to happen almost every week and this week is no exception.

The Aitkin area lost another well-known resident, restaurant owner (Hills Drive-In) long-time mail delivery lady and as many of you know, athlete. Linda Goligoski passed away at Aicota, and while many of you know her from the two jobs she had, I have pretty good knowledge of the athlete side of her.

I coached a pretty good softball team back in the 80s, a team consisting of good players who were better people, like Marcia Hasskamp, Nancy Robinson, Brenda Blomberg, Wendy Waldner, Kristi Hills, my wife Barb, and many others. That group included Linda, who even at that time was not a speedster on the bases but had the heart of a lion. She simply wanted to play and what she lacked in speed she more than made up for with her fielding and strong arm. She always told me to play her where and when I wanted. She knew her shortcomings, but I could never keep her out of the lineup because she had something to contribute and loved playing so much. It was no secret that she had trouble even running out hits to the outfield but she was always there game after game and made all the trips to District Tournaments with us. She even knew when it was time to hang it up and that hurt her more than anything. It’s a tough moment but every athlete goes through it. I will never forget her smile and her slow stride up to the plate for an at bat.

Nice job, Linda. You will never be forgotten.

The Aitkin All-Starz recently held tryouts. See page 15 for info on their pork chop dinner.

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