Well folks, 2020 is about to get out of town and – whether we are ready or not – 2021 is about to make its first appearance this week.

We have a few things to clean up before heading into the new year so let’s do it.

Bob Staska, activities director of McGregor Schools, informed me last week that senior Drew Dean received another post-season award, being named to the Minnesota State Football Coaches All-State Team as a linebacker. This is a separate award from the academic award he picked up a couple of weeks ago. Congratulations again to the outstanding Mercs player.

As of right now, winter athletic practices will get started next week with games to follow a couple of weeks later. That could change at any time and may have already changed since we went to press. You know how Covid-19 works, so we hold our breath every day.

The Minnesota Gophers had a big win at Williams Arena on Christmas night, beating the visiting Iowa Hawkeyes (the number four team in the nation) in overtime 102-95. They hit some big shots at the end of regulation and in the extra session to beat the heavy favorites and their All-American Luke Garza.

The Vikings gave the New Orleans Saints a nice Christmas present allowing them to run for over 200 yards on the ground and giving themselves an early out for the season as they ended their playoff hopes thanks to the 52-33 defeat, a loss that left Viking fans wishing for a better defensive corps and an even better coaching staff. Complaining about the contract of Kirk Cousins is old news and not worth mentioning again. The Vikes close out the season at Detroit this week hoping to finish with a less than impressive 7-9 record.

Hey, the Minnesota Twins start of spring training is a little over a month away and hopes are that they will re-sign designated hitter Nelson Cruz. He is certainly at the top of the list for them to get under contract so I hope it gets done soon.

Happy New Year everyone, stay safe and we’ll see you in 2021!

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