August is a busy month as kids and parents get ready for another school year.

One of the biggest days of the month, however, is the annual Aitkin Day at Target Field, coming up Saturday, Aug. 29 as the Minnesota Twins take on the Milwaukee Brewers.

Scott Johnson is once again putting the day together as he has done since 1988, when he started helping out Kevin “Pork” Nentl.

“We’ve had 1,000 people some years and we’ve had 50 people other years so it’s always kind of a guessing game,” Johnson said. “I think of Pork very year when I do this and I know that’s kinda corny but he always thought it was such a cool event and so do I.”

Nentl went around town selling tickets and worked closely with the Twins to make it a great experience for all the fans. He didn’t take no for an answer and that’s why there has always been a large Aitkin presence.

The Twins make sure the Aitkin crowd is recognized on the scoreboard.

Seats for this year’s event will be in sections 139 and 140 out in the right field area. There is a cost involved for both the ticket and for anyone interested in the charter bus ride to the game.

Limited tickets are available so contact Johnson at 218-927-6911.

“I enjoy the appreciation that the community has for this event,” Johnson said. “I hope community education takes it over at some time but I still can’t quite let go. It’s been such a cool thing over the years.”

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