2020 tennis camp

The 2020 tennis camp provided instruction to children, kindergarten through seventh grade.

Community education and the Aitkin tennis program partnered to bring two weeks of tennis instruction to kids, kindergarten through seventh grade. Children were divided into three sections based on age groups.

COVID-19 and social distancing practices resulted in a few changes to the camp and lots of extra cleaning, but most instruction and games were still able to be played.

The weather cooperated, allowing the kids of each session to learn the main strokes of tennis including the forehand and backhand groundstrokes, forehand and backhand volleys, and serves.


Kindergarten, first and second graders: Royce Anderson, Bennett Christy, Conner Hawkins, Brooke Herbranson, Koleton Insley, Abigail Krohn, Jenna Krohn, Taylor Matalamaki, Caden Nordick, Tori Paulbeck, Lainey Ryan, Riley Ryan, Daniel Steffens, and Sabrian Wagner.

Third and fourth graders: Katelyn Bill, Orion Espeseth, Paityn Hawkins, Addlyn Hines, KayLeanna Insley, Dawson Kazmerzak, Lynae Kinzer, Ella Krohn, Reed Parkin, Macey Ryan, Michaela Roettger, Quinn Roettger, Myla Schletty, Nora Schletty, Cameron Steffens

Fifth, sixth and seventh graders: Ashley Asmus, Isaac Asmus, Aidan Bates, Vera Eisenbraun, Violet Eisenbraun, Charlie Mindrum, Josiah Espeseth, Sam Insley, Cade Kazmerzak, Maelie Kazmerzak, Madi Martin, Tahlia Matalamaki, Ev Nordberg, Peyton Perrine, Langen Peterson, Zander Peterson, Gabi Price, Bennett Sadlowsky, Addison Steffens, Wyatt Winter.

Coaches/Helpers: Coach Justine Nordick, Sophie Ryan, Alex Brucker, Joey Haasken, Breanna Hines, Macy Paulbeck.

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