Nathan Scollard, Marshall Passer and Logan Jackson

The Mercs will be led by seniors Nathan Scollard, Marshall Passer and Logan Jackson.

The McGregor Mercury boys’ basketball team opens the 2019-2020 season Nov. 29 at a jamboree at Mountain Iron-Buhl, but the first official game is Dec. 6 at home against Cromwell-Wright.

“After going 24-4 two years ago, the last two seasons have been less successful,” said head coach Josh Wahlin. “Since the 2016 season, our record has been 16-38, and it just hasn’t been good enough.”

“Our coaching staff is focused on getting everybody on the same page and getting our players to start making decisions based on what’s best for the team,” continued Wahlin. “We had a really good summer and practices have been productive, but we need to see results on the floor.  We are going to play faster this year, but none of our returning players averaged more than nine points per game last season. We are excited to see who will step up.”

The Mercs return 10 players with game experience, and that should be a plus for the team. The Mercs will be led by seniors Marshall Passer, Logan Jackson and Nathan Scollard. Other returning players ready to make contributions on the varsity are James Dawson, Ethan Bohn, Willie Glunz, Isaiah Serfling, Curtis Jackson, Grant Grams and Jacob Metzen.

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