Aitkin’s prom began on April 27 with the Grand March in the high school auditorium before students departed for the Northern Pacific Center’s Luminary Fern.

This year’s prom theme was “Around the World,” with different themed cuisines, tables and travel-themed items reflecting different cultures across the globe.

The 2019 prom king and queen were Quin Miller and Ramsey Moe. The 2019 Aitkin Prom Prince and Princess were Sam Sadlowski and Amy Gaulke.

A special thanks was given to the members of Aitkin High School Prom Committee for their hard work and dedicaiton to the event. Gloria Curtiss, Irma Boerhave, Jim and Carol Tower, Amanda and Peter Lowe, Garrett Tetrick and Kelly Blake were also recognized. Kaija Davies provided video production and photos for the event. Julia Peterson ran the sound booth. Rippleside Elementary Principal Jesse Peterson announced the Grand March. Funding for transportation was provided by Block North Brew Pub and the Youth Service Grant Committee. Donations were also made by Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union.