It appears that our spring weather of a week ago was really just winter backing up for a running start. And boy, it really hit us. The moisture is really needed, though, and old timers tell me that the snow melting and running down the streams will give the lake a fighting chance to regain a little of its former water level.

The week end storm sure didn’t do any good for the Isle stores -- but remember the stores will be open every Friday night from now until further notice!

The new accumulation of snow on the top of the Messenger is not helping the leaky roof situation of the shop. However, we’ve worked out a unique system of channeling the “drips” to a main aqueduct that runs out one of the back windows! I’m sure we have the only building in Isle that can boost inside eave troughs! However, if the ink looks a little smeary on your paper this week, blame it on the leaky roof.

Three cans of soup for 89 cents is no bargain! That’s what is said in the Al’s Market grocery ad last week. Al isn’t trying to cause undue inflation. The ad should have read 9 cans for $1.00. It was our error – I wish we could blame that one on the leaky roof!

Has income tax time left you feeling like I do? My shattered financial condition is due to federal laws, county laws, liquor laws, mother-in-laws, sister-in-laws and outlaws! Through these laws I am compelled to pay a business tax, amusement tax, gas tax, water tax, hidden sales tax, liquor tax, income tax and excess tax – even my brains are taxed, I am required to get a car license, dog license, hunters license – not to mention a marriage license.

For my own safety I am required to carry life insurance, property insurance, liability insurance, burglar insurance, accident insurance, business insurance, earthquake insurance, tornado insurance, unemployment insurance, old-age insurance and fire insurance.

April 15 is always a sad time of the year!

“Spring Clean-up” is nature’s own invention. The dead leaves of yesteryear are replaced by fresh, clean ‘new ones and tender colorful blades push up from grassroots and sprouting seeds. Even the birds and the beasts shed their winter clothes for spring-weight feathers and furs and many build or shop for new homes.

And since you can’t lick nature, the “human” animal has decided to join her, and each spring we (or our wives, at least) burst with ambition – “improvement” is the watchword. We plant, we paint, we tear down, and we build up. Our wives often take everything out of the house to scrub and polish and paint – and then put it all back again, with each piece of furniture somewhere else.

But we never quite complete the job. Too may house fires result from hoarding instinct – saving old newspapers and magazines, old clothing and flammable treasures that are stacked in basements and stuffed into attics. Such collections, plus neglected stoves, furnaces, fireplaces and flues, should be on the top of the Spring Clean-up check list.

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