For nearly a year now, Dale Dahlke has been operating DJ’s Furniture and Framing in Isle. This June, the offerings at DJ’s Furniture are about to expand. Unique Boatique and Patina Gypsy, run by locals Judy Crace and Jamie Root-Larsen, will bring their business to Dahlke’s Main Street store front.

As a number of Dahlke’s products are offered on consignment from local vendors, Root-Larsen explained that he had been looking for new consignment opportunities. Root-Larsen and Crace had been interested. The trio then decided it would be helpful if they could all collaborate in the work of keeping the doors open at the DJ’s Furniture and Framing store. As of June 1, Root-Larsen and Crace have now moved into the storefront.

Under the branding Patina Gypsy, Root-Larsen’s work includes painting and re-purposing old furniture. She also brought an assortment of art pieces to the store front, including paintings created by Onamia artist Mary Hamers and woodwork crafts. Unique Boatique’s contributions include a variety of gifts, shirts, hats and other apparel.

The Unique Boatique name may be familiar to Isle locals. Crace had run the business in Isle for 34 years, up until her retirement in 2017. The opportunity to work with Dahlke has now brought her out of retirement. Root-Larsen said that she had just started selling her wares this year, but had been doing the work of refurbishing as a hobby for years prior.

Root-Larsen added that the work she was contributing was done primarily as a hobby. She was employed full time, as was her collaborating artist Mary Hamers. “This is just for fun,” she said.

For his part, Dahlke continues to offer custom built furniture, photo framing and a variety of furniture on consignment.

Hours of operation for the new joint effort are Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Patrons can also access the store via appointment, scheduled by calling Judy Crace at (320) 493-4512.

The businesses along Isle’s main stretch offer numerous sorts of goods and curios. With Patina Gypsy and Unique Boatique now joining the DJ’s Furniture and Framing location, that assortment grows ever wider for those browsing Isle’s streets.

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