Ripple River - Moon Glow

“Moon Glow” is a mixed media painting by Sartell artist Judith Bergerson.

A lifelong fascination with shapes, textures, contrasts and relationships drives the work of Sartell artist Judith Bergerson, who relishes the process of making art. Her acrylic paintings, drawings and mixed media work will be featured at  Ripple River Gallery in a new exhibit running now through Sept. 18.

“Whether I’m looking at a landscape, a city, or a bowl of fruit, it’s the interaction among the forms that I find most exciting,” Bergerson said. “My work is about the search for order, balance and beauty, whether it be seeking to discover and reveal an underlying logic and order in the world around me, or creating a balanced but exciting new reality.”

Bergerson added that each piece, whether it be a painting, drawing or collage, is an exploration, and she is often surprised by the results. “I usually begin a piece with a vague idea or concept and then just follow it as it develops.” Much of her work is mixed media, which allows each piece to develop freely. “Rarely does the finished piece conform to my original idea, which, to me, lends excitement to the work.”

Each new piece is an entity in and of itself, the result of the process of exploration. “I am fascinated by the fact that I can bring forth images and relationships that have never before existed.” Bergerson said she hopes those who view her work involve their imaginations and contemplate the forms, surfaces, colors and textures of the piece, and then observe and consider those elements in their own surroundings.

Bergerson holds a degree in fine art from St. Olaf College in Northfield, with additional work at The California College of Arts and Crafts, St. Cloud State University, Dominican College of San Rafael, and C.W. Post College of Long Island University. In addition she has participated in numerous workshops with nationally known artists. She has taught art in the public schools as well as in a variety of private classrooms and workshops.

Ripple River Gallery is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday; and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays (other times by chance or appointment). The gallery is located 5 miles south of Deerwood on Hwy. 6, then 3 miles east of Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge on Co. Road 14 to Partridge Avenue; or south of Aitkin on Hwy. 169 to Bennettville, then 3.2 miles west on Co. Road 11 to Partridge Avenue.

For more information call (218) 678-2575 or e-mail

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