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Students from Nay Ah Shing High School met Senator Al Franken in Washington D.C. Pictured: Justin Leecy, Amanda Nickaboine (Ojibwe Language teacher), Sage Boyd-Davidson, Tehya Wade, Franken, Mia Anoka, Eddie Nadeau and Shawntel Jellum.

Close up foundation trip

Nay Ah Shing High School was very proud to send six students to Washington D.C. to participate in the Close Up Foundation program. In this program Mia Anoka, Sage Boyd-Davidson, Shawntel Jellum, Justin Leecy, Eddy Nadeau and Tehya Wade traveled to Washington D.C. to take an extensive tour, learn about how the government works, and discuss the nation’s important topics.

The students also got to meet with Minnesota Senator Al Franken, and Representative Richard Nolan. During this visit the students discussed many issues that affect the Native American population in their area and issues that affect the nation. The students also met with other students from around the country and had debates about important issues facing the nation. They toured the capital and met many new friends. This trip was a great learning experience for all and Nay Ah Shing would love to continue to send students to participate in this amazing opportunity.

Students’ views:

“It was a good learning experience and taught me about politics. I liked my roommates and everyone was really nice.” – Sage Boyd-Davidson, 11th grade.

“My favorite part of the trip was seeing the memorials and all the sights. All together it was a good experience and I was able to meet a lot of people and learn about government.” – Tehya Wade, 10th grade.

“It was a great experience to learn about government. My favorite part was the memorials and meeting other students from around the country.” – Shawntel Jellum, 10th grade.

“The part I liked the most about the trip was meeting our District Representative Rick Nolan and seeing a live debate at the Capitol. It also showed us their world and life beyond the reservation.” – Justin Leecy, 10th grade.

“The part I enjoyed the most was learning and exploring a new place. It was cool and I got to see all the monuments and meet our District Representative Rick Nolan.” – Edward Nadeau, 10th grade.

“What I liked the most about our trip to Washington D.C. was meeting our Representative Rick Nolan, who also offered me an internship for the summer in D.C.” – Mia Anoka, 10th grade.

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