Nick Skogen

Nick Skogen (above) was recently appointed to fill Karen McQuoid’s vacated Isle School Board seat.

As of the Isle School Board meeting held Monday, Aug. 19, Nick Skogen has officially been appointed to fill the board seat left vacant by the resignation of Karen McQuoid. While Skogen is a new face among the school board members, he has been a member of the Isle community his whole life. To his position, Skogen brings his perspective as a local business owner, pastor and parent.

Skogen stated that he’s lived in the Isle area “40 years, I’ve never lived anywhere else.” He graduated from Isle High School in the class of 1997. He has worked at Lakeland Printers in Isle since 1998 and became the business’s owner in January of 2017 when the former owner decided to sell. He has been a lifelong attendant at the Isle Baptist Church, serving as their pastor since 2008. His daughter currently attends school in Isle and will be going into the seventh grade.

For about 10 years, Skogen stated that he has had an interest in joining the school board, but his other commitments have not allowed him the time to do so. When he read of McQuoid’s resignation earlier this summer, he decided the time was now right. “I’ve always had a love for this community,” he said. “ … I like small town schools, and I’m particularly fond of this one since it’s mine.”

He added that he is bringing no particular agenda to his position other than “the betterment of our facility, however that might present itself. That’s the only goal I have.” Skogen stated he wanted to “put his two cents in,” as a community member, a former graduate and a father of a student. “I felt it was an important opportunity to do my due diligence.”

Skogen acknowledged that to finish out Karen’s term, he will have to put his name on the ballot in next year’s election, adding that he fully intends to stay on for the remaining three years of the term.

When it came to filling open committee positions, Skogen expected there were some openings he could step into. “As far as that goes,” he said, “I’ll fill in where I’m needed … If something seems like a good fit, that’s what I’ll do.”

Though Skogen has been appointed, there’s a 30-day waiting period before he can officially take his seat on the board. As there are only 28 days between the board’s Aug. 19 meeting and their Sept. 16 meeting, Skogen’s first meeting will tentatively be on Monday, Oct. 21.

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