A Honor Roll

7th Grade

Adickes, Carter

Gesell, Nevaeh

Gjerstad, Gunner

Hebeisen, Sam

Honek, Gabe

Naplin, Hunter

Schoeck, Jacob

Tramm, Cade

8th Grade

Carlson, Jenna

Jakubiec, Aerian

Kett, Klara

Mueller, Josiah

Remer, Zach

Smith, Rihanna

9th Grade

Larson, Faith

Lilledahl, Anika

Schoeck, Katlyn

VanBuskirk, Mallory

10th Grade

Belin, Jacqueline

Hebeisen, Madison

Kapsner, Sydney

11th Grade

Hubbell, Danielle

Miller, Daniel

Thompson, Jill

12th Grade

Haggberg, Teagen

Krawiecki, Isabelle

Lahr, Dakota

Williams, Michael

B Honor Roll  

7th Grade

Hagel, Max

Haggberg, Tucker

Hanson, Payden

Larson, Danie

Odneal, Chelsea

Raverty, Livia

Sinell, Zach

Wilkes, Monica

8th Grade

Gray, Micah

Skogen, Ava

Spengler, Justus

Strecker, Paige

Zortman, Cassie

9th Grade

Chavez, Layla

Fitzharris, Abigail

Heise, Brianna

Honek, Noah

Pendegayosh, Antavia

10th Grade

Beamish, Elias

Bennett, Samantha

Haggberg, Hunter

Risvold, Reice

Strecker, Tucker

11th Grade

Tienter, Emily

12th Grade

Benson, Emily

Carlson, Joseph

Hughley, Emily

Kett, Anika

Smith, Derek   

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