Onamia School Board meeting

Onamia School Board members sing happy birthday to superintendent Jason Vold (second from right) during their regularly scheduled meeting July 22.

The Onamia School Board announced Lenny Sedlock as the new Onamia High School girls’ basketball coach at its regularly scheduled meeting July 22.

Sedlock previously retired from Minneapolis Public Schools in 2018 where he coached girls’ basketball at Minneapolis Edison.

Sedlock said he wasn’t really looking for a coaching job during his year of retirement and was focusing on spending time with his family.

“But I saw [the job opening in] Onamia, and I thought ‘That’s an interesting town. I’ve been through there many times,’” said Sedlock. “So I applied and got the position, and I’m really excited about it.”

During his time at Minneapolis Edison, Sedlock took his team from only winning four games to over 20 wins in 2017.

Sedlock said he wants to start off building trust by getting to know the team and wants them to have a great experience.

“The experience of playing, I think, is real important,” said Sedlock. “Sports create or help the student athlete become better students. And I hope better role models can then prepare them for what’s ahead in life.”

Sedlock said that while he doesn’t plan on teaching full time, he does plan on subbing for the school at some point.

Onamia also hired James Henrickson as mid-level ALC teacher, Brooke Jahnke as a mathematics teacher and Susan Thomas as a K-12 vocal music teacher.

In other board business, a renewed 10-year Long Term Facilities Maintenance plan was approved unanimously.

According to Onamia Superintendent Jason Vold, the top priorities for the district regarding maintenance are replacing heat pumps in the elementary school, updating bathrooms by the football field, updating to LED lighting through school buildings, and reviewing a project for safer school parking lots.

Vold also mentioned that the district will be focusing on attendance during the next school year.

“We know that when our students are here and in class, great learning and growing is happening,” added Vold via email.

According to Vold, the districts attendance rate was about 87 percent last year, but the district’s biggest concern are consistently absent students.

“We need everyone working together and on board to make this happen, particularly at the elementary level to ensure that students are getting on the buses and to school every day,” stated Vold via email. “We want this to be a full circle partnership between the school, students, families, staff, and other local supports.”

The board also approved updating Policy 706A, which pertains to Indian Policies and Procedures, so that they align with their School District Impact Aid application. The updated policy will be sent to the U.S. Department of Education with the Impact Aid application.

A call for bids for dairy, bread and fuel was also announced by the board.

Bids will be sealed until 3:30 p.m., Aug. 12, when they will become open to the public.

Bid tabulations will be presented to the school board at their regularly scheduled meeting Aug. 19.

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