Onamia Elementary School

During the regularly scheduled Onamia School Board meeting on Oct. 21, it was announced that pre-K through second grade have implemented new behavior strategies.

Previously, students received a write up, but now students will be working with staff on Behavior Reflection Sheets to discuss the incident, how the student was feeling at the time, what the student wanted to get out of the incident, and what they could do differently next time.

“[This process] has really helped us figure out how not to be reactive and how we can teach them a skill for their behavior so it doesn’t keep happening,” Elementary Assistant Principal Jenny Strumpf said. “That has been very useful as you can see from our data.”

During September of this school year, pre-K through sixth grade saw 69 disciplinary referrals compared to 236 disciplinary referrals last year.

October was the busiest month for disciplinary referrals during the 2018-2019 school year with 416 write ups. As of Oct. 16, 2019, there have been 35 disciplinary referrals.

Strumpf said some of the older strategies like listing a student’s name and showing how many times they got in trouble are not effective.

“A lot of [the process] is just teaching the skill. So if you struggle with this, how can we work through that?” Strumpf said.

The school is also getting ready to implement a “movement room” where students can release some built up energy.

“All these things in place are really helping to decrease [incidents],” Strumpf said.


• October is Bullying Prevention Month, and the district has kindness projects led by school social workers throughout the district.

• October is College Awareness Month.

• The school district audit for the fiscal year 2019 is wrapping soon.

• The district will be scheduling their first Tribal Consultation session soon to sit down with Tribal leaders and discuss the state of the district.

• Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms are working with a child-development class to have high school students help with younger classrooms.

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