Onamia School Board - Virgil Wind

Onamia Superintendent Jason Vold’s new contract for school years’ 2020-23 was approved 5-0 with one abstaining at the Onamia School Boards regularly scheduled meeting Aug. 19.

Director Shelly Strecker abstained from voting because she thought there was not enough discussion regarding the new contract, and she didn’t feel informed during the process.

Chair Virgil Wind said he had been in contact with her and other members of the board while the contract was being finalized.

Strecker made it a point that her vote to abstain was not reflective of Vold but of the process with which his contract was created.

“I am grateful and honored to sign my contract extension at Onamia. We have the greatest students, staff, and school community, and I am very excited about our school district vision and the journey we are on,” said Vold via email. “The Onamia School District is a special place to be with a super bright future, and there is nowhere that I would rather be. Go Panthers!”

Lunch prices will be raised 10 cents for the 2019-2020 school year, a move that Vold said hasn’t been done in several years.

Free breakfast will continue to be offered at Onamia public schools despite the rise in lunch prices.

“We wanted to keep breakfast free as we really believe in the value of our free breakfast program for our kids,” said Vold.

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