Pastor Thomas Petersen

My last article made reference to a lesson from our recent Vacation Bible School. For one of the lessons, we were able to take a launch out on Mille Lacs Lake with the children and adult volunteers to experience the water.

Baby Moses, born during the time of Hebrew slavery in ancient Egypt, was placed by his mother into a papyrus (paper) basket and then placed into the water of the Nile River. This was done out of faith in order to escape the brutal execution of the young male Hebrew children by the command of ruthless Pharaoh.

Like a boat floating above the water and keeping our heads above water, so baby Moses in the basket was protected by God and delivered from death in a wonderful way. Pharaoh’s daughter discovered Moses in the water and decided to take him as her own. Ironically, she enlisted the mother of Moses to care for him. What a marvel in the way God does things!

Not only did the Lord God deliver his servant Moses, but through his life and leadership, Moses would lead the children of Israel out of slavery into the promised land. Also, through Moses the Law of God and the Ten Commandments would be delivered to Israel as a continuing witness to the nations.

For Christians, this points to the greater message of deliverance for all people from the slavery of sin and the fear of death through the One who is greater than Moses–Jesus Christ. “The Law came by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” (John 1:17)

The name “Moses” means “drawn out.” Through water–the water of Baptism–we have been “drawn out,” delivered and saved from the peril of sin and the death which comes with it. The New Testament describes it in this way: we have been washed, cleansed, rescued, saved, and born anew.

And more wonderful than any geographic portion of land here in this world, we look forward to “the new heavens and the new earth” which is promised to those who long for the Lord’s appearing and promised return.

Indeed, we had a wonderful morning out on the lake and floated safely on the water of “a thousand lakes.” We continue to have a wonderful lesson from God’s Word to assure us that God continues to work his grace and love in such simple and wonderful ways.

We will remember and cherish our lesson on the water!

Thomas Petersen is pastor at Shepherd of the Lake in Garrison.

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