When you’re a kid, collecting things can be just the thing to get you away from Nintendo and the pressures of school and your little sister. We made a call for kids who collect. We wanted to get their stories and give you a little peephole into the world of childhood. Here are some of the collectors who responded:

Mets fan collects baseball cards

Steven Griffith has been collecting baseball cards since 1986 when his favorite team, the Mets, won the World Series. Steve has a special McDonald’s cup commemorating the 1986 World Series with Ron Darling and Mookie Wilson on it.

Steve has 1,446 cards, which he keeps in three large loose-leaf notebooks. His favorite player is Dwight Gooden of the Mets. According to a collector’s book, Steve’s most valuable player is a St. Louis Cardinal worth $1.50.

Steve sometimes gets doubles of players. He said that he used to trade them on the bus before he moved to Onamia. Apparently not as many Onamia kids collect baseball cards, so Steve is stuck with doubles.

Steve is 14 and the son of Richard and Joyce Griffith, owners of Rocky Reef.

Isle teen is collector of old motors

Chad Sinell, 14, is following his father and grandfather’s footsteps by collecting and restoring old motors. Chad has a book that describes early Maytag motors. In the days before electricity, the modern housewife had a gas-powered machine to clean her clothes. She could also use the machine to churn butter.

Chad has seven motors. Two Maytags and a Johnson have been restored. They all run and have been painted their original green. The next motor Chad would like to get is a Maytag that used a mason jar as a gas tank.

Chad also collects beer cans. Some unique ones include a can of Bill Beer, made by former President Carter’s brother, and a can of Grain Belt from the time when it was made in a cone top can. Chad has 180 cans arranged on a shelf that encircles his bedroom.

Chad’s parents are Ginger and David Sinell of Isle.

Hockey memorabilia

Every kid needs a hero. Brett Brodeen, a 10-year-old from Isle, loves hockey players.

Brett started his collection of hock memorabilia this year, but it’s already an impressive collection.

Some of the things he has are a box of hockey cards, a Northstar cap his mom got at a garage sale and a Northstar puck that flipped up over the plexiglass at a game he once attended.

Allowance money was spent buying stickers to fill a book about hockey players. “I bought all the ones they had and then had to go to Mora,” Brett said.

“I wish they had hockey here,” he adds. “ I have to go all the way to Mora. Hockey is great winter sport.”

His heroes? “Wayne Gretzky and Mario LeMieux. I’d like to be like them someday.”

Ticks for my grandpa

Danny Sorvik is five years old and lives just outside Onamia with his parents, Kent and Mary Pat. He collects wood ticks.

“How I collected them was that I picked them off mom and dad and Molly and also Evie, our cat.”

Danny keeps them in a jar, but he doesn’t put air holes in the top. He and his sister, Greta, just like to look at them, but they don’t let them out. They say the ticks pretty much all look the same.

Wood ticks are what Danny is into this summer, but next year it may be something different.

Danny said, “I visited my grampa and took the wood ticks to see him. He liked them a lot.”

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