The image of a father and his young son walking down a dirt road with fishing poles is a Norman Rockwell scene. It conjures up happy childhood memories. But in Terry And Kevin McQuoid’s case, that fishing scene with dad is not a thing of the past. At 18, it’s still very much a part of son Kevin’s present life.

The McQuoid duo recently received the honor of winning the Father-Son Team of the Year award at the Masters Walleye Circuit.

The MWC competition takes teams to six different tournaments in the country. Participants have a chance to win in the husband-wife, father-son and overall team categories.

This year, the McQuoids not only won the father-son team award but have also placed 11th in the overall ream category. This allows them to be able to compete with the top 53 in the World Championship MWA Tournament next week in Dubuque, Iowa.

Terry, who has been a fishing guide on Mille Lacs for 15 years, says that his son learned how to act in a boat “just shortly after his birth” and has been fishing with his dad ever since.

It has paid off for the pair. Two years ago, the duo won top honors at the Stearns Walleye Classic that was held on Mille Lacs Lake and became the first father-son team to win the title.

“We’ve got every gadget available, all state of the art,” said Terry, “but it still comes down to basics. Yes, we have locators, with a paper graphic and an LCD, but we’re also out there with just a hook and sinker at times, too.”

Terry points out that tourney fishing requires a good game plan and plenty of consistency. Before every tournament, the pair arrives about a week early and study the lake where they well be fishing.

They then come up with a game plan, and Terry says that patience is the thing that makes a plan work. Confidence comes in close second.

The chemistry of the team also can’t be underestimated. “We’re family, so we’re comfortable with long silences,” Terry notes. “That frees us to concentrate on what we’re doing. It’s not only just how we present the bait, but are you patient enough to stick with you’re game plan. Knowing each other so well, we don’t have trouble with those things.”

McQuoid isn’t sure of the purse yet. The overall top team will get $10,000. “I’m sure we won’t come close to that,” laughs Terry. But whatever the amount, it will be used toward Kevin’s college education. He is now attending Brainerd Community College.

The picture of Terry and Kevin McQuoid isn’t done in pretty watercolors or cute line drawings. It’s a black and white photo of a dad and his kid. But it’s still a picture Norman Rockwell would love.

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