Hank Williams Jr. flew his private jet to Mille Lacs Lake early last week to fish the Big Pond. “Hank wanted to come up and fish Mille Lacs,” said Appeldoorn’s Sunset Bay Resort Director of Operations Paul Waldowski. “He booked his stay and went out fishing. He came to fish for walleye. He didn’t know he couldn’t keep the walleye though.”

Hank expressed his displeasure with the DNR policy, so Appeldoorn’s did their best to make Hank’s venture a good one. Tony Roach, a local fishing guide, headed to an unspecified lake north of Mille Lacs and caught some walleye to give Hank a shore lunch. Hank spent a couple days at another lake where he could keep some walleye and returned to the resort.

Waldowski said, “Hank was a very nice and gracious southern gentleman.”

Upon returning, being a hunting and gun enthusiast, Hank visited Isle’s Boone’s Fine Guns on Aug. 12 and 13.

“He just walked around and looked at the guns. He was a really nice guy and down to earth,” said Danielle, the manager at Boone’s Fine Guns. “He enjoyed walking around and seeing all of our displays. He made the comment that it was one of the best gun shops he’s been to. This is a huge compliment because he’s a big collector of guns.”

Danielle said he made a point to say he was coming back again and showed the staff pictures of all the fish he caught.

You’re welcome back anytime, Hank! A country boy can certainly survive, and thrive, in Mille Lacs County.

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