Glen parade

What started as a family affair at the Slettom farm has grown into a large community event known as the Glen parade, traditionally held on Independence Day.

On July 4, 65 patriotically decorated units lined up for the parade’s unofficial 30th anniversary as a more organized community event. Area businesses were well represented as were families and churches from the area.

“The parade continues to attract an enthusiastic crowd of participants and viewers,” said John Slettom.

In the early years, the parade would return to the Slettom farm with a program of patriotic music and a speech given by John’s father, Ed Slettom, dressed as Uncle Sam.

Ed became known as Uncle Sam of Glen (as inscribed on the Veterans Memorial in front of the Aitkin County Courthouse). He passed away in 2012.

“The parade left the farm here and went on the road for the first time in 1989. It went a half-mile to the public access. The next year it traveled around the north and east side of Clear Lake to the Glen Store,” John said.

In the mid-90s the program moved from the farm to the Liljenquist/Kellen home in Glen where free lemonade is served.

Over 500 glasses of lemonade quenched the thirst of viewers in Glen. Burger, brats, turkey legs and ice cream cones were available as well as food and crafts at the Glen Farmers Market. The band, Muddcat Melby performed at the Glen Store parking lot Friday and Saturday, drawing a large crowd.

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