Looking Back photo - February 5, 2020

Shepherding in 2000

Milton the Millennium Lamb was the first Hampshire sheep born in the new year for Linda Warner, of Mora.

Photo taken from the Feb. 2, 2000 issue of the Messenger.

20 years ago: 2000

The DNR approved a new walleye regulation, setting a 14- to 18-inch harvest slot and allowing anglers to keep one fish over 28 inches. Local cub scouts participated in the Pine Wood Derby, and Joel Madson took first place. Mick Lindquist opened a new computer business, 2XL, at the Mille Lacs Plaza, south of Garrison.

30 years ago: 1990

Sluice boards were moved on the Buck Moore Dam gate in Kathio State Park to help with drought conditions on Shakopee Lake. Skyler Novak and Tammy Hagen were Snow Daze royalty at Isle High School. The Project Jazz Quartet gave a performance at Onamia High School, playing swing, fusion, funk, and jazz.

40 years ago: 1980

A meeting with the Onamia school board indicated that a strike of non-certified workers was on the horizon. Mrs. Schnek’s second grade class created a “general store” as part of a math unit about money. The Messenger featured a two-page spread of active bird feeders throughout the local area, along with recipes for feeder mixes.

50 years ago: 1970

A group of 136 McGrath voters petitioned to merge with the Isle School District. The Village of Isle received a $41,040 grant from the state Department of the Interior, toward a new sewer disposal plant. Minnie Blomquist, pioneer resident of the Onamia area, celebrated her 92nd birthday at her home on Jan. 27.

60 years ago: 1960

Jake McCool took over the Lakeside Cafe and planned to update the location to make it up to date. Faye Alice Haglund, of Isle, won a $25,000 shopping spree through a Better Home and Garden sweepstakes. “The Hound of Bakersville,” starring Peter Cushing, was playing at the Arrowhead Theatre in Onamia.

70 years ago: 1950

Local temps were recorded at 35 below; school had only met for four days in two weeks, and woodsmen reported 33 inches of snow. Marlyn Tramm, Robert Burns, and Don Bayless attended a Giants baseball tryouts camp in Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Steeber stayed with friends in Texas and went sight-seeing in Mexico.

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