Looking Back photo - July 22, 2020

Smurfs on parade

Dressed in blue, Elyse Sahlstrom, Whitney Eklund, Kevin Pedersen, Tara Pedersen, and Blake Eklund took first place at the Isle Days kiddie parade.

Photo taken from the June 25, 1980 issue of the Messenger.

20 years ago: 2000

Melanie Benjamin was sworn in as chief executive for the Mille Lacs Band. Tony Zhang, owner of a St. Cloud real estate company, purchased The Onamia Hotel/Motel after it was shut down for public health violations. A kids fishing tournament at Mac’s Twin Bay Resort during Isle Days drew 139 contestants.

30 years ago: 1990

Bob Tiplady, DNR Insect and Disease Specialist, reported that the forest tent caterpillar infestation was near collapsing. The Olympic Torch was set to cross Mille Lacs on its way to the Twin Cities on July 27. Over 40 volunteers, the largest group ever, were recognized at a program put on at the Mille Lacs Nursing Home.

40 years ago: 1980

Local Gottfred Longs, of Isle, had a brother in Washington whose town was affected by ash fall from the Mt. St. Helens’ eruption. Reggie Gahbow contested the election of Art Gahbow to chairmanship to Reservation Business Committee. Three Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Department employees were fired for policy failures.

50 years ago: 1970

The “Isle Appreciation Days” schedule included a Miss Isle banquet, a music and puppet show, a teen dance, kiddie and grand parade, and a high school band concert. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Athman purchased for the Montgomery Ward Catalog Store in Onamia. Mille Lacs County Sheriff Al Wilhelm wed Betty Jean Oelkers.

60 years ago: 1960

The Onamia Hospital Auxiliary held a bake sale with proceeds going towards hospital equipment. The Mille Lacs County Welfare Board met in order to review anticipated welfare costs fir the coming year. “The Hangman,” starring Robert Taylor and Tina Louise, was playing at the Garrison Drive-in Theatre.

70 years ago: 1950

General improvements were made at Father Hennepin State Park, including ground cleaning, road graveling, building renovation and a well installation. Glenn’s Clothing Store in Onamia was robbed for $115 in cash. Two mounted bobcats and a mallard duck were put on display in the window at Henry Paulsen’s real estate office.

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