Looking Back photo - Nov. 25, 2020

Ice fishing begins on Mille Lacs

Eggerts Resort in Isle planned to move their ice houses out onto Isle Bay the weekend of Nov. 26, with six inches of ice having formed.

Photo taken from the Nov. 26, 1960 issue of the Messenger.

20 years ago: 2000

A mock election at Onamia Elementary School saw Bush receiving 59% of the vote, and Gore, 32%. Citing unprofessional conduct of the Isle City Council at recent meetings, council member Thomas Remer resigned. Garrison’s Wild and Free Wildlife Rehabilitation Center released a recovered saw-whet owl that had been hit by a car.

30 years ago: 1990

The DNR stated that, prior to the hunting season, the state herd population at one million deer, 200,00 more than is manageable. Mary A. Thorp joined the Messenger staff to cover city council meeting and write occasional features. Anthony Kempenich was appointed MnDOT’s District 3 Traffic Engineer in Brainerd.

40 years ago: 1980

Onamia carpet salesman Francis Anderson was featured for his side business as a butcher. The Isle School audit showed their deficit of $22,360 last year was now a $50,229 surplus. Eight break-ins occurred along Hwy. 18 near Malmo, as well as a theft and break-in in South Harbor Township, and a theft at Onamia School.

50 years ago: 1970

A Burnsville couple was held at the Mille Lacs County Jail after they were charged with breaking into Isle’s Coast to Coast store. The Isle High School band presented their fall concert. Stores in Isle and Onamia scheduled evening hours in December prior to Christmas and planned to close for the Christmas holiday.

60 years ago: 1960

Robert White, 12, of Isle, won a trip to Chicago by selling subscriptions to the St. Paul Pioneer Dispatch. Isle Bottle Gas held Chain Day, explaining proper care and maintenance of a chain saw. The Forsbergs, of Liberty Resort, were the winners of Legion Turkey Bingo, receiving three turkeys and other groceries.

70 years ago: 1950

The McGrath School held an open house, featuring the theme “Learn by Doing.” Local Boy Scouts were holding a forget-me-not drive. A shortage of skilled workers in the defense industry was announced. Miller’s rest home had nine patients, with an average age of 82. The Messenger featured Cedric Adams’ lutefisk recipe.

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