Looking Back photo - Sept. 16, 2020

Mighty leap

Jennifer Tretter, number 11, took to the air to return the ball during Onamia’s victory over Ogilvie’s volleyball team.

Photo taken from the Sept. 13, 2000 issue of the Messenger.

20 years ago: 2000

Union leaders and the Isle School Board failed to reach an agreement on the non-certified staff contract. The All Terrain Vehicle Association of Minnesota held a fundraising auction at the McQuoid’s Inn Event Center. The Annual White Pine Logging and Threshing Show featured over 150 old kerosene, gas and steam tractors.

30 years ago: 1990

Pat Ryan’s ninth grade science class in Isle demonstrated their two volcano projects out in town. The Wahkon City Council approved new animal and livestock control ordinances, despite Mayor Hammond Radke voicing his opposition. Onamia managed a 16-14 two-and-a-half victory in overtime against Isle on the football field.

40 years ago: 1980

Money problems and budget cuts were both big concerns for both of the local state parks. The Isle Civic Association donated $500 to the Mille Lacs County Transportation Council for the senior citizen mini-bus. Mille Lacs was considered as a critical area to check the potentially harmful affects of unchecked development.

50 years ago: 1970

The Ink Spots performed at Isle High as part of a benefit for Community Mercy Hospital. Pharmacist Alan Squier began offering prescription drugs at the same building as the Isle clinic. George Brooker, of McGrath, purchased Isle and Onamia’s feed stores, offering the same services the stores were known for.

60 years ago: 1960

The fall trapping season was announced for mink, muskrat, badger, and raccoon for the northern zone. Trinity Lutheran Church held its annual mission festival, including a potluck dinner at Arthur Harms’ Farm. “The Giant of Marathon,” starring Steve Reeves, was showing at the Arrowhead Theatre in Onamia.

70 years ago: 1950

Van Dora Pierson was crowned Isle’s festival queen. Isle’s population grew from 567 in 1940 to 670 in 1950, and Onamia’s population grew from 619 to 688. The first call was made for induction through the draft was made with 11 of the 40 men who had their pre-induction physical being taken in to the Army.

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