Looking Back photo - September 9, 2020

Playing summer away

Dakota Gahbow, Alyssa Buckanaga and Miranda Nickaboine were among kids playing at Nay Ah Shing’s playground a week before the school year began

Photo taken from the  Sept. 6 2000 issue of the Messenger.

20 years ago: 2000

DFL Senate candidate Gail Kulick Jackson toured the Mille Lacs Academy in Onamia. Anna Engebretson and Genal Rogers reflected on their summer-long internships at the Messenger. Nay Ah Shing School’s construction project reworked the building’s main entrance so it led into the school’s main office.

30 years ago: 1990

Isle police officers Lloyd Ligneel and Bob Gravel lost their lawsuit against the City of Isle over legal fees incurred during an investigation. Local fisherman Dean Hanson purchased Agate Bay Resort from his step-brother. Former local Kathy Jackson took a trip through Mexico and Cuba studying folk music.

40 years ago: 1980

Lenny Cochran resigned from the Isle City Council amid controversy concerning the sewer installation at Malone Island. Dan Erickson, of the Opstead Boosters 4-H Club received a blue ribbon for his heifer at the state fair. Minnesota lead the country with its childhood measle rate, leading the State to strengthen its child immunization laws.

50 years ago: 1970

A two-year-old Appalossa mare belonging to Duane Linblad, owner of Dewey’s Grocery in Isle, took a fourth place ribbon at the state fair. The Isle and Onamia football teams both won their first football games of the season. “El Dorado,” starring John Wayne, was playing at the Rialto Theatre in Aitkin.

60 years ago: 1960

The Calumet Dancers performed at the Mille Lacs Indian Museum. In a poll conducted by Glenn’s Clothing Store, 96 shoppers said they’d cast a vote for Nixon, 70 for Kennedy, P.K. Peterson - 100, Anderson - 106, Humphrey - 66, and Anderson - 60. A chicken dinner was held in the Lakeview Lutheran Church basement.

70 years ago: 1950

Confiscated guns and fishing tackle were to be sold at a public auction. The Trinity Lutheran Ladies held a fancy work sale and chili-soup supper. A letter was published from Dick Bullock painting a vivid picture of the ongoing situation in Korea. A string of three serious car accidents occurred in the Mille Lacs area.

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