Looking Back photo - September 18, 2019

Puffball patch

Rebecca Blizzard, age 7, and her brother, Dan, had these giant puffball mushrooms to show off at their home near Malmo.

Photo taken from the Sept. 20, 1989 issue of the Messenger.

20 years ago: 1999

Local angler Aaron McQuoid took first place at the North American Walleye Anglers Pro-Am, on Mille Lacs. The Messenger ran a three-page spread on local preparedness for Y2K. Pictures highlighted the White Pine Logging and Threshing Show, held locally for the 21st consecutive year.

30 years ago: 1989

The Onamia City Council moved to put its financial records on a computer system. Isle Schools Superintendent Tom Hoppe spoke to how a recently passed referendum would expand the school’s personnel. The Mille Lacs Lake Tourist Association held a meeting on the rising cost of waste disposal.

40 years ago: 1979

The City of Onamia began turning off Main Street lights as part of a plan to save $2,600 a year on electricity. The Mille Lacs County police ran into a language barrier helping a Vietnamese hunting party find their missing member. Ripley Scott’s “Alien” played at Onamia’s Arrowhead theatre.

50 years ago: 1969

The Messenger opened a “self-service” office in Garrison where locals could come to submit local stories. Walter Hubb, of Minneapolis, took the grand prize at the Garrison Walleye Festival. The Onamia Rotary Club entertained the Onamia teachers at the Lutheran Bible Memorial Camp.

60 years ago: 1959

The East Central Regional Library Board met in Cambridge, setting hours of operation and other procedures as their new facility was built. The Leffingwell family paid a visit to Sault Ste. Marie and Mackinac Island. Frank Gudridge, of Wahkon, was appointed leader of the 1959 Census of Agriculture.

70 years ago: 1949

Screen star Betty Lannen, spent two and a half week’s at Shaw’s Resort in Wahkon. The Civic and Commerce Association and Village Council collaborated to resolve the Isle’s rat problem. A new law requiring hunters to wear clothing that was at least three-quarters bright red was announced.

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