Looking Back photo - September 4, 2019

Scenic monument

Jerry Anderson and George Hedquist helped erect this marker at the Isle scenic overlook using local granite.

Photo taken from the Sept. 1 1999 issue of the Messenger.

20 years ago: 1999

Despite weather delays, two 169 construction projects aimed to be complete by fall. Mille Lacs County attorney Jennifer Fahey made a final county board appearance before her resignation took affect. Isle High School student Danielle Sawatzky won an art contest held through the East Central Regional Library.

30 years ago: 1989

A Wealthwood Township meeting discussed sanitation and other problems at the sandy beaches on Mille Lacs’ north shore. The Garrison VFW donated a stereo to the Mille Lacs Nursing Home. A lawsuit after an accident on Isle Main Street raised concerns about the responsibility and liability for city sidewalks.

40 years ago: 1979

Ray Sodertrom and Tony Walters rowed across Mille Lacs in a bath tub to get in the Guiness Book of World Records. Garbage cans and picnic tables were removes from the Hwy. 47 wayside rest after repeated vandalism. Local resort owners Les and Rita Anderson won a 1979 Mustang on a trip to Las Vegas.

50 years ago: 1969

Alex Moose, of Isle, published “Indian Compass,” a book on local Indian lore and culture. Started in 1951 by Verner Nelson, the Onamia Independent newspaper suspended its publication due to financial difficulties. Enrollment was down one student at Isle schools, but up 59 students in Onamia.

60 years ago: 1959

Following the discovery of a rabid dog in Isle the week prior, precautions were taken, including euthanizing other infected animals and establishing new rabies regulations. Wilfred Beaudry opened a new bulk gas business in the area. The Italian drama “Tempest” was screening at the Arrowhead Theatre in Onamia.

70 years ago: 1949

Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Walin purchased Liberty Beach Resort. The Isle Co-op Creamery had the prize-winning butter at the state fair with a score of 98.44 percent, made by Byron Bradley. Norman Cardy and Lulubelle Munstertieger, and Connie Munstertieger and Harold Roeschlein were married at a double ceremony in Wahkon.

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