Looking Back photo- September 11, 2019

Whirling through the air

At the Little Osh Kosh event hosted at South Isle Campground, Al Kretsinger took to the air in his gyrocopter.

Photo taken from the Sept. 13, 1979 issue of the Messenger.

20 years ago: 1999

A referendum to fund a facilities expansion at Onamia schools failed to pass the second time it was put to vote. The Olson family reunion saw Swedish immigrant Evelyn Luneman returning to the Mille Lacs community where she grew up. The Japanese exchange student Nayuta was living with Jean Steffenson in Onamia.

30 years ago: 1989

Onamia Elementary School was the recipient of the 1989-1990 Elementary School of Excellence award. Local fiber artists Kathy Munkelwitz and Nancy Sammis netted multiple awards for their work at the state fair. Horse Haven Ranch hosted their seventh annual Play Day east of Malmo.

40 years ago: 1979

Peter Tideman, son of Hazelglade Resort owners Phil and Viv, began practicing taxidermy to pay for college. Mrs. Andrew Carter, of Hillman, grew a 20-pound zucchini in her garden. A contract for a joint police department between Isle and Wahkon was under consideration, but the cities had yet to commit to the proposal.

50 years ago: 1969

The Gopher State telephone company increased their rates by about 40 percent. The Onamia-McGregor football game was delayed for several minutes after a punt kick sent the ball out in the weeds. The Mille Lacs Messenger opened a branch office in Onamia.

60 years ago: 1959

The graduating class of 1949 held their reunion at Hazelglade Resort. Clarice Anderson represented Mille Lacs County at the 1959 State Conservation Camp. Celebrating 20 years of in the Mille Lacs area, the Mille Lacs Regional Cooperative Power and Light Association held an open house at their Aitkin office.

70 years ago: 1949

One man was partially paralyzed and others temporarily deafened by a lightning strike at Harbor Lights Resort on Mille Lacs. The Onamia Fire Department responded to a fire at the building where the boy scouts stored their papers, located behind Coffee Dan’s. The 1949 resident small game license was available for $2.

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