Is a bulge in the abdominal area a hernia? Hernias are relatively common and more often afflict men, but both men and women may develop this ailment.

How do you know if you have a hernia and what your treatment options are? Find out at Riverwood Healthcare Center’s free Hernia Screening event on Saturday, May 18, at the hospital in Aitkin.

Three general surgeons who practice at Riverwood – Dr. Andrew Loveitt, Dr. Tim LeMieur and Dr. Aaron Sachs – will offer a short informational talk and quick screenings (allow 5-10 minutes) to determine the presence of a hernia.

In addition to the short presentation and option for a hernia screening, there will be an opportunity to see the new da Vinci Surgery System robotic machine. This sophisticated technology offers surgeons greater precision and benefits patients with less pain and faster recovery from hernia and other surgeries.

“I’m very happy with my minimally invasive, robot-assisted hernia surgery at Riverwood,” Kevin White said. “I only had to have four tiny incisions that healed up so fast.”

The Hernia presentation will be held three times at 9 a.m., 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. You may come for the presentation and to see how the robot machine works with an option to request a hernia screening. Reservations are required and you need to sign up for one of the one-hour time slots and indicate whether you want a hernia screening. To register for this event, call Riverwood’s events line at (218) 927-5188 or email

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