Dr. Corey Pieper

Dr. Corey Pieper


Mille Lacs Health System has a new clinical psychologist to serve patients. Dr. Corey Pieper is a licensed psychologist with a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and community psychology, a doctorate in clinical psychology, and is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

 Dr. Pieper also served in the National Guard for 10 years. He was deployed and served as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has an interest in helping veterans and has done research on barriers to mental health care for vets.

“Training in marriage and family therapy helps me understand the system in which an individual may come from and how those systems may play a role in the chances of success for an individual,” said Pieper. “The psychological training helps with understanding research-based clinical issues as well as interventions guided by validated clinical tools. I also believe the individuals I work with are the experts on themselves, and I can lend some insight into how and why things may be happening.”

 Pieper said he was drawn to MLHS because of the facility’s reputation. He noted that the care, positive comments from those who know the facility’s reputation, the good environment and quality people all make the facility a good fit for him.

 “I believe and view getting mental health services as an act of strength, not weakness,” Pieper said. “In any activity we engage in, the more we practice a skill, the better we get at it. The same goes for mental health. If we have learned unhealthy things, it may take some work and planning to build skills. People are not broken; they may just need a fresh look at things in order to help themselves. We don’t look at individuals learning a skill as defective; we look at them as building strength. The same goes for mental health; all we are doing is building strength.”

 Dr. Corey Pieper is now seeing patients both on the Onamia campus and at the Isle Clinic. Call (320) 532-3154 for an appointment.

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