Sheriff Don Lorge

“Don’t worry be happy” is a song by American musician Bobby Mcferrin released in 1988 the year I was married. At the time, I don’t know that it was a favorite song of mine but I find myself thinking about it more often today. Not necessarily the song itself but the message that it implicates. “In every life we have some trouble but when you worry, you make it double.”

I have had a little struggle coming up with a topic as a guest columnist this month. I as probably most of you, I am exhausted by the negativity and doom and gloom rhetoric that we have now have become so used to that it becomes difficult to see the positive or believe that any exists.

I can tell you that it still exists if you want it to.

I feel fortunate that we have great local media we can rely on for our local information. I have no problem going on record stating that I do not feel the same for the large media outlets that tell a different story. I have had many opportunities to speak with special interest groups about their causes and fears. I have said many times that if you want all of the hatred and fear to go away, just simply turn off all of social media and take in life like it was meant to be.

I know this may sound a bit of a stretch, but I can say that this is true and challenge you to give it a try. Take a weekend or even just a day and do the things you love without the encouragement of media and see for yourself that life really is great.

One of the things I would suggest as a family to do on the cheaper side, is pack some snacks and take the family on a drive, maybe through our local wildlife management area or around the big lake.

Leave the radio off and just chat about all of the great things life has to offer and the memories from past positive experiences – and take in the scenery. Be happy with what you have and happy that no matter what you are walking through, life could always be worse.

I have always felt that life is what you make it. If you want to be negative and miserable, then you will be. But if you want to be happy, I say, “Don’t worry and be happy and let life be a fantastic experience.”

Guest columnist Don Lorge is the Mille Lacs County sheriff.

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