SPIRE Credit Union is perhaps best known for serving the financial needs of local communities, but something lesser known is their service to locals during the pandemic.

SPIRE, a not-for-profit credit union founded in 1934 that serves residents of Minnesota, made it a priority to give back to causes and communities that were affected by COVID-19 financially and physically.

Early on in the pandemic in April of 2020, SPIRE provided $250,000 to 187 local organizations and businesses affected by COVID through the SPIRE Gives Big initiative.

SPIRE partnered with NetGiver, a Credit Union exclusive mobile app allowing members to give to their favorite charities for free. During the 21 day campaign, $47,765 was donated to a variety of charities that SPIRE members support. Over the entire year, $219,065 was donated via NetGiver.

Meeting physical needs didn’t go unnoticed by SPIRE either. SPIRE collected 770 winter items and $1,700 for Coats for Kids and distributed them to local communities. Through SPIRE’s partnership with the Salvation Army, they were able to match $100,000 in digital donations.

During the month of October to help raise awareness of breast cancer, SPIRE staff wore pink masks, and $1,500 was raised for the American Cancer Society of Minnesota. And every month, SPIRE has purchased lunch for a variety of teams at Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

Though the organizations and individuals were extremely grateful to receive assistance, that is not why SPIRE chooses to give. “It is simply the right thing to do during this hard time,” says SPIRE

Marketing Representative Maria Daley. “Many organizations, especially non-profits, have been struggling throughout the pandemic.”

Daley added that SPIRE’s core action is to give back. “We take this seriously, and by committing to support the communities we serve, we can continue to improve lives,” she said.

Looking ahead, the pandemic made it evident that there are needs to be met, and SPIRE strives to continue to support the charities that work to meet those needs.

Aside from the pandemic and according to SPIRE’s core action to give back, the organization created the Treasure’s Program where .25% of every purchase made by a SPIRE VISA credit card is given to a variety of groups in need.

“SPIRE would not be able to give back without the generosity and kindness of our members, team members, and leadership team,” said Daley. “SPIRE team members felt proud to live out the core action of giving back every day, whether it’s in small or big ways. By being able to hold company-wide food drives, coat drives, toy drives, etc., at all SPIRE locations, we were able to come together to work towards a common goal of supporting our communities.

SPIRE has 20 branches located in Minnesota, a network of ATMs across the country, and innovative products and services to assist members with all of their financial needs.

To learn more about SPIRE’s giving initiatives, visit https://www.myspire.com/About/Give-back. The phone number for Spire Credit Union in Isle is (651) 215-3500, and the email is info@myspire.com.

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