Brazil exchange

Amarilda Machedo Aravjo, center, of Bicas, Brazil, was an exchange student at Onamia High. Leanne Colbensen, left, and Sally Johnson, right, hung out with the new student.

20 years ago: 2001

Minnesota Viking Hall of Famer Jim Marshall visited Onamia fifth-graders as part of the sixth annual Arctic Blast Snowmobile Rally. Isle Bowling Alley held a grand re-opening following an interior remodel. Messenger publisher Dick Norlander was elected the 121st president of the Minnesota Newspaper Association.

30 years ago: 1991

A referendum for a building expansion project for Isle’s elementary school was voted down for the second time. Dr. Patti Hook and Dr. Arden Virnig joined the Mille Lacs Health System team as family practice physicians. State senators Davis and Koppendrayer introduced a bill to exempt Isle from local government aid cuts.

40 years ago: 1981

Isle bested Onamia in the 44th annual Blue Ox basketball game, winning the game with free throws with zero seconds on the clock. Dave Anderson was undertaking a car-chopping project at John Donavan’s auto body shop. The Mille Lacs Lake Advisory Association stood in opposition of fishing regulations proposed by the Band.

50 years ago: 1971

A family pancake and sausage supper was held at Trinity Lutheran Church. A call was put out for players to participate in the annual Isle Alumni vs. Non-alumni basketball game, put on by the Isle PTO. Representatives from the Midland Cooperatives in Isle and Onamia visited a twine factory in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

60 years ago: 1961

Mrs. Calvin Carlson began writing the Isle Social Notes for the Messenger. The Isle Village Council appointed Art Hillbrand as village assessor and reported $24,000 annual profits from the liquor store. Arch Grahn, field director for the Minnesota Historical Society, visited the county society and stressed expanding membership.

70 years ago: 1951

Onamia beat Isle in the annual Blue Ox basketball game, 42 to 35. Glen W. Hambleton, of Isle, received top scholastic honors from the U.S. Navy’s Airman School. An additional $18 was donated to Isle’s Skating Rink Fund. Herb Nyquist remodeled his Isle store, putting in new walls and repainting the interior.

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