Valentines tots

Khasiti Rose Day and Misty Tiessen both celebrated Valentines Day at Nay Ah Shing school.

Photo taken from the Feb. 14, 2001 issue of the Messenger.

20 years ago: 2001

The United States Environment Protection Agency released an assessment of the Band’s wastewater treatment plant, allowing the project to move forward. The WSA Snowmobile Circuit was held in Garrison. Sixth-grader Elyse Sahlstrom was declared the winner at the Isle School Spelling Bee, winning on the word “rhythm.”

30 years ago: 1991

While the Onamia School District passed a referendum for a new elementary building, funding for a school swimming pool was voted down. The National Enquirer picked up a self-published song by Sheila Anderson, of Isle. Sixth-grader Kristin Helle was the winner of the Onamia School spelling bee.

40 years ago: 1981

Robert McCulloch and Slyvia Smith plead guilty to lesser charges related to a murder at a cabin in Dailey Township. A sum of $500,000 was dismissed from a pending legal suit related to the construction of the Wahkon sewer system. Larry Linblad, of Isle, won the 19th Annual International Auto-rama in St. Paul with his dune-buggy.

50 years ago: 1971

SnoDaze events, including trail rides, a basketball game, and a dance, were sponsored by the Isle Civic Association and Mille Lacs Drift Skippers. The Minnesota Natural Resource Commission put up new welcome signs in Isle and Onamia. James Swiderski, from Onamia, was crowned Sno King at St. Cloud State University.

60 years ago: 1961

Onamia’s basketball team scored their 15th win over Isle at the annual Blue Ox tournament, retaining the trophy once again. Frank Gudridge, of Wahkon, was named to head the Mille Lacs County Red Cross for 1951. Carl Mollan, 69, of Wahkon, was found dead in a field after wandering from home while sick and confused.

70 years ago: 1951

Betty Berg, formerly of Mille Lacs and editor at St. Louis Park’s high school paper, received with a Daughters of the American Revolution Award. Cow testers found that Mille Lacs County cows tested highly for poundage. “The Golden Gloves Story,” starring James Dunn, played at Onamia’s Arrowhead Theatre.

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