The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) recently published the 2020 graduation rates for all schools in the state of Minnesota. The graduation rate publications always lag behind by one year.  Onamia School District marked the highest graduation rate on record in school district history at Onamia High School with a 93.5% graduation rate. The overall Onamia School District had a 83% graduation rate. The Onamia School District also includes Mille Lacs Academy (MLA) and the Area Learning Center (ALC).  

Looking at statewide data for the last five years, the average graduation rate hovered around 83 percent, in other words, a little more than eight out of every ten students. For the school year of 2020, Onamia School District as a whole ranked right in there at 83% with the state average. But Onamia High School’s graduation rate was well above the statewide average with an impressive 93.5%.

“We are so proud of our students and staff about these increased graduation rates.” said JJ Vold, superintendent of Onamia Public Schools. “We have seen this coming for a while at the school as we have phenomenal systems in place to catch students that are falling behind in any way immediately. We have an excellent credit recovery and ALC programming led by Julia Gray, so we are super happy about these great results, and we are also not surprised by these excellent results. Graduation rates are really a Pre-K - grade 12 indicator, and I see this trend continuing and even getting stronger over time at Onamia Public Schools.”

 Looking back over the past five years, Onamia School District had an average graduation rate of around 69%. Conversely, Onamia High School itself had an average of around 81%, just slightly below the state average. But the trend of the last three years averages an impressive 88 percent, and that is well above the statewide average.

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