Isle Just For Kix

Pictured are the Just For Kix directors in attendance last week in Brainerd.

Local Just For Kix Director, Tara Soderstrom attended the 2021 Just For Kix Annual Convention. Over 200 Just For Kix Youth Program Directors from Minnesota, North Dakota, Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado and South Dakota attended the 2021 Directors Convention held at the Just For Kix Baxter Dance Studios and The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes on June 21-23.

“This year our Directors Convention paid tribute to how the teaching and reliance of our Directors helped children thrive through the pandemic. They taught kids to keep going during adversity and that is a great life lesson,” said Clough. “Our Directors give so much of their time to teaching, we need to remind them how their teaching empowers others and inspires youth to work towards outstanding performance,” she explained.

Tara Soderstrom has been the Isle Just For Kix Director for 9 years. “Convention is always a motivating and educational experience, and this year had a significant emotional aspect to it as well. Being able to finally connect in-person was amazing,” said Soderstrom. “I’m so excited to bring back not only our regular kick classes this year, but also adding back in special sessions too. I can’t wait to introduce our dancers to all the new things this fall, and to see their continued growth in their technique and confidence.”

The Convention also highlighted the 40th Anniversary of Just For Kix Company and offered multiple educational and programming classes to assist in furthering the Director’s dance curriculum knowledge and sessions on resources for program development.

The overall experience allows for the Directors to come to Brainerd to collaborate and engage with the Just For Kix Home Office staff. “Bringing all of our Directors to Brainerd is a highlight of our year. Not only do we take care of business for the upcoming season, but I know many love to come to enjoy the beautiful lakes area,” Clough said.

Like many other businesses, COVID has hit Just For Kix hard.  They are fighting to come back strong!!!  Their motto this year has been that the comeback will be stronger than the setback. “Bringing our directors together will empower them to collaborate and network with one another.  Making them stronger,” says Clough.

For 37 years, Just For Kix has held a Directors Convention.  Just For Kix orchestrates youth dance programs in ten states at nearly 200 locations engaging over 26,000 youth dancers.

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