ross alexander beaulieu

An Isle man, Ross Alexander Beaulieu, 23, has been charged with second degree attempted murder in connection with a shooting that occured in Vineland on August 22. Beaulieu is also being charged with first and second degree assault, felony charge for being a felon convicted for a crime of violence, possession of ammo/firearm, and fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Sunday, Aug. 22 at approximately 1:15 a.m., a tribal police sergeant heard a vehicle honking its horn outside the Mille Lacs Band Police Department located on Oodena Drive in Vineland. The officer observed real-time surveillance footage of an individual lying on the ground while three other individuals ran up to the back door and pounded on the door. According to the report, the individuals said that the man lying on the ground needed help and was possibly shot. An ambulance was called and air care was requested.

The male 19-year-old victim was responsive and said he had been shot by a gun in the area of Nay Ah Shing Drive and Henry Davis Drive. The male was observed to have multiple bullet wounds.

A female witness led officers to the location of the shooting where officers observed blood spatter on the ground, according to the report. Multiple witnesses approached the officer at the scene and said they heard gunshots, with one witness saying they observed a black Durango with Mille Lacs Band plates leave the area.

Another witness said there had been an argument over a cell phone before the shooting, according to the complaint. At the scene, six spent .40 caliber shell casings were found.

The suspect vehicle was spotted on Hwy. 169 traveling northbound by an officer with his lights activated while traveling to the crime scene. The vehicle yielded to the squad car but made multiple erratic turns back and forth before stopping on the shoulder. The officer turned around, and the suspect vehicle sped away at a high rate of speed. The officer observed the vehicle extinguish its lights and turn into a driveway. The officer pulled in behind the vehicle and observed a female passenger exit the vehicle. The officer then went outside of the vehicle driven by Beaulieu, and had him at gunpoint.

Beaulieu sped off through a yard and ditch and headed southbound on Hwy. 169. The officer pursued as Beaulieu drove at speeds of approximately 90 mph. Beaulieu continued southbound but at times drove in the northbound lane.

Eventually, Beaulieu came to a stop in the northbound lane of Hwy. 169 at the intersection of Timber Trails Road in Mille Lacs County. Beaulieu was then taken into custody at gunpoint.

According to the criminal complaint, Beaulieu admitted to seeing and talking to the male victim and said there was a fight over a cell phone two nights prior.

A female said that Beaulieu had been driving back and forth past her residence. The witness said that Beaulieu was observed being approached by the victim where Beaulieu began questioning him about the phone which was owned by a female. Beaulieu left in a vehicle and returned a short time later to the end of the female’s driveway. The male victim again walked up to Beaulieu in the vehicle. At that time, according to the report, Beaulieu jumped out of the vehicle and began chasing the male victim as the male victim began back-pedaling away from Beaulieu. It was at that time, a witness heard gunshots and ducked down. The witness then observed Beaulieu run back to the Durango and drive away.

The male victim was transported to North Memorial Hospital where he was listed in stable condition and has recovered.

The second degree murder (with intent, not premeditated) felony charge comes with a maximum of 20 years in prison. The first degree assault with great bodily harm felony charge and second degree assault with dangerous weapon and substantial bodily harm felony charge both come with a maximum 10 year prison sentence and/or a $20,000 fine. The felon convicted for a crime of violence charge comes with a maximum prison sentence of 15 years and/or a $30,000 fine. The possession of ammo/firearm felony charge comes with a maximum prison sentence of three years and/or a $5,000 fine. The felony fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle comes with a maximum prison sentence of three years and one day and/or a $5,000 fine.

Beaulieu was convicted in August of 2017 for second degree assault.

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