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Changes are coming for the online version of the Messenger and Independent Age, but for existing print subscribers, you can still get free access. Starting Dec. 23, the online version of the Messenger and Independent Age will require a subscription to get full access to all stories and images. Up to this point, everyone has had free access to all stories on the site.

But how do you get full access to the site?

If you’re receiving the print version of this paper in your mailbox each week, that means you are already a subscriber and all you need to do is activate your online account, at no additional charge. Just complete the online “Existing Subscriber” registration process under the subscribe button, which must include your unique account number. Click here to access it.

That account number can be found on your print paper mailing label, located on the front page of the paper, just above your name. Refer to the sample to locate the account number on your mailing label.

Completing that online registration will give you access to all the premium stories that will be identified on this site by the check mark, again starting Dec. 23.

That’s going to give you full access to school, sports, city council, features, videos, photos and dozens of other stories that help explain timely issues and provide important information to this community.

If you are not a print subscriber and want access to all stories, we invite you to become an online subscriber by following the links on the subscribe button. Please choose “New User” if you are not a current print subscriber. We hope you enjoy the site, and remember, all you need to do is complete the short registration process to gain complete access.

We appreciate your support as we provide the news and information that is critical to the community.

If you have any issues getting access, please call us at 218-927-3761 or 320-537-2808. We’ll be happy to help.

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