A Minneapolis man has been charged with possession of large amounts of fentanyl and heroin after a traffic stop on June 3 in Onamia.

According to the criminal complaint:

Mille Lacs Tribal Police Department conducted a traffic stop of a motor vehicle on US Highway 169 in Onamia based upon a traffic violation. Law enforcement had previous reports from community members that this vehicle, a white Dodge Challenger, was making frequent short-term stops at residences in the area. Upon approaching the vehicle, officers smelled a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. The investigator observed marijuana in the center console, according to the complaint.

The driver was removed from the vehicle. The vehicle’s owner, Bryan Rashawn Hampton, 34, was in the front passenger seat. Two occupants that were known drug users were removed from the back seat, stated the police report. The investigator spoke with Hampton and knew him to be involved in drug trafficking in the area based upon other investigations. Hampton was also known to have previously been in possession of handguns. Hampton was removed from the vehicle.

During a pat down search for weapons, the investigator felt what he believed to be a crumpled baggie in the coin pocket of Hampton’s jeans. The investigator then asked what was in the pocket; Hampton replied that it was his “weed” and removed a crumpled plastic baggie containing a white powdery substance consistent with illegal street drugs rather than marijuana. Hampton then began fumbling with his other pocket and eventually removed a bindle that contained a large amount of powder. Hampton was then arrested.

Officers searched the vehicle and located drug paraphernalia, marijuana rolling papers, and a small amount of marijuana in a black men’s sweatshirt that was balled up and tucked in the back seat. The investigator then located two bags of apparent street drugs. The smaller bag contained a large amount of white powder consistent with the powder in the bindle located on Hampton’s person. The second bag contained multiple bags of tan rocks.  

The contents of the bindle field tested positive as fentanyl and weighed 9.63 grams. The large bag of suspected fentanyl was not field tested for safety purposes. It weighed approximately 74 grams and was identical in consistency to the substance in the bindle. The tan rock substance field tested positive as heroin and weighed 100.99 grams.

Hampton has been charged with 1st degree drug possession (possession of 25 grams or more of heroin) which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years and/or a $1,000,000 fine or 4-40 years and/or a $1,000,000 fine for a subsequent conviction or a mandatory minimum of 65 months or the presumptive fixed sentence under the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines.   

Hampton has also been charged with 2nd degree drug possession (possession of 50 grams or more of narcotic - not cocaine, heroin or meth) that comes with a maximum sentence of 25 years and/or $500,000 or 3-40 years and/or $500,000 for a subsequent conviction.  

Hampton has been previously convicted of: 2nd degree burglary, multiple domestic assaults, 4th degree assault of a peace officer, false info to a peace officer, fleeing a peace officer, theft, trespassing and multiple order of protection violations.

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