The new beer cave at Morning Star Wine and Spirits in Wahkon is for anything but hibernating.

“We added the beer cave to make it more self-service and convenient for customers,” owner Lori Niesen said.

Patrons can walk through aisles of cold beer cases piled high and as cold as the mountains.

Niesen and her husband, Brandon, have owned and operated Morning Store Market for 17 years and have continued to make upgrades on a regular basis. They opened the liquor store section in 2014, which included wine, spirits and a modest selection of beers.

The walk-in beer cave addition was built earlier this year and has greatly increased their inventory capacity. As part of the addition, they added new cooler doors for the soft drinks section in the market at the same time.

“The pop cooler was hard to stock before,” Niesen said. Now there is ample room to refill the cold drink racks.

The Niesen’s are excited to be carrying a large quanity of local craft beers as well as twelve and twenty-four packs of the common domestic beers.

Right now, the beer cave is still new and fully functional, though the Niesen’s hope to build some shelving soon to utilize more vertical space and increase their inventory even more.

“We wanted to get the beer cave opened right away,” Niesen said.

With the new law allowing liquor sales on Sundays, they hope the beer cave will be getting extra mileage.

A diversified store

Morning Star is a bustling place, ripe with diversity in their offering.

On a Tuesday afternoon, customers were lined up at the Cooper’s Express counter where Lori was busy freshly breading chicken wings and legs. The couple ordering their chicken struggled to decide if they wanted to add Jo-Jo wedges or battered fish ­– or both ­– to their order.

The nearby ice cream counter had a group of children picking their favorite flavors for a summer cone, and beyond them a new sign advertised that the market is now carrying quality cuts and sausages from Theilen’s Meats in Pierz.

“We keep growing and expanding,” Nelsen said. “The ice cream is a big hit.”

For those of legal age wanting to cool off on a hot day, take a cool refreshing hike through the aisles of suds in the beer cave and pick up a case of the favorite beer.

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