Local couple establishes new logging operation near Malmo

As of March of this year, a new logging company has begun operation near Malmo. Black Lab Logging is owned by Amy Trunk, a lifelong local of the Malmo area, and her boyfriend Isaac Benson, who hails from Aitkin. With about a month’s work under the couple’s belt, Trunk was willing to provide an overview of Black Lab Logging’s operations.

Black Lab Logging got its start when Trunk begun acquiring equipment from Benson’s father. Though his father currently owns his own logging company, Trunk said, he was also looking to get out of the business. This was part of the impetus behind Trunk and Benson establishing Black Lab Logging.

While Trunk felt the process of starting up had gone good so far, she also added that current muddy season had posed some difficulties. With weight restrictions still in effect for gravel roads, the company had not been able to get trucks hauling. In the interim, Trunk said that work was currently being done splitting firewood and peeling Tamarack poles. “I just got my hands on a chainsaw,” Trunk said with a laugh.

Having lived the Malmo area all her life, Trunk previously worked at Pine Inn in Glen. When it came to the logging industry, Trunk said, “It’s all new to me.” So far, she had been working to manage the business. “We just got more timber sales,” she said, “hopefully enough to keep going. Getting business has been slow. Most of it is word of mouth.” She was hopeful business would pick up once they had worked their way through the mud season.

As for the black lab in the name, it comes from the family dog named Willy’s Jeep, or Willy for short.

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