The new proprietor of the former Liberty Beach Resort is an expert at bringing formerly thriving bars back to life. Jeremy Seagren, whose hometown is Onamia, put himself through college doing just that at places like Ruttgers, Izatys, Bay View and other establishments in Minnesota and Wisconsin before taking over The Good Life Bar and Cafe, known for many years as Liberty Beach Resort. Recent owners renamed the establishment The Good Life Bar and Cafe, but Seagren has not decided on which name to use yet.

Liberty Beach, on the east side of Mille Lacs Lake, halfway between Malmo and Isle, was a popular year-round destination for fishermen and families back in the day. Known affectionately then as “the joint” by regulars, its protected harbor is still overseen by a life-size replica of the Statue of Liberty. That statue watched over the launching of thousands of fishing boats and served as a beacon at the head of the ice road access for fish houses every winter. There is a large DNR parking lot, harbor, and boat launch adjoining the property.

Seagren’s degree in criminal justice from Central Lakes College and St. Could State has taken a back seat to this unique occupation. He’s moved from one place to another by word-of-mouth referrals and by being hired away by business owners who’ve seen him in action or heard about him.

With his buddy, Pete Croat, at his side, Seagren has polished up the interior of the bar and cafe for 2 o’clock Bingo on Sundays and casual card playing on Wednesday nights. The men are presently readying the grounds for Thursday and Saturday volleyball which will also be open to the public. Seagren’s children, Tyler, Evan and Marky, Onamia grade school students, grab every chance they get to come and help Dad

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