Some older signs reading “Dickie’s on Mille Lacs” are still peppered around the lake, but some brand new ones have gone up for the first time in recent memory, adorning Liberty Beach Resort just north of Big Point.

Dick Gadbois and his wife, Marge, have opened what they call “something different.”

“We’ve got it set up so that families with kids and people who want to ice fish can have a place to get some pizza in a no smoking, no alcohol environment,” Gadbois said.

Dickie’s on Mille Lacs is currently at work plowing their ice access road which Gadbois expects to reach eight miles out later on in the winter. He said customers will be able to access multiple reefs and, in time, the mud flats.

The main resort building is being set up as a convenience store and “cook-your-own” pizza parlor, boasting Kettle River Pizza. Snack foods including donuts and candy bars are also for sale, along with hot chocolate, coffee and soda. While enjoying food and drink, customers can play pool, arcade games and put on some tunes in the jukebox.

Anglers can buy access to the resort’s road, rent space to park their ice houses or rent ice houses provided by Gadbois and staff. If you’re looking for someone to guide you to angling success, Gadbois himself is for hire and at your service.

Gadbois, affectionately known by most as “Dickie,” said he’s been in the ice fishing gate for “30-plus years.” Then, feeling a bit self conscious about his age, he confided, “Probably closer to 40 years.” Gadbois said he has a good feeling about this ice fishing season.

“It’s hard to know what the ice is going to do, but I think the fishing and catching is going to be better than last year,” Gadbois said. “And they raised the slot a little bit, so when you catch a fish to take home, you’ve got a good meal.”

Dickie’s on Mille Lacs at Liberty Beach is open seven days a week. Dickie and Marge are at your service and reachable at (320) 676-8795 and on location at 5452 Waterway Rd, Isle, Minn., 56342.

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