Small town feel, knowledgeable tax services are top priorities 

Driving on Main Street in Onamia, it’s hard not to notice the new H&R Block sign in front of what used to be Robin Straka’s Tax and Accounting Agency.

Although the signage itself is relatively new, the business has been under new ownership for the past year and a half, the transition having been made slowly to ensure a seamless continuity of services, said franchisee Josh Purcell.

“Robin Straka has been consulting and helping out,” Purcell said, indicating they still stay in close contact.

Purcell purchased Robin Straka’s Tax and Accounting Agency in the fall of 2016, and has been transitioning into it’s new look – H&R Block color scheme and branding – slowly, making sure the process is smooth for existing clients.

Purcell, who owns multiple H&R Block franchises in central Minnesota, including Cambridge, Mora, Princeton, Elk River and Annandale, has a history with both taxes and life in the country.

“I grew up one of seven kids on our family’s dairy farm in Annandale,” Purcell said. His father, in addition to milking cows, was also a tax professional. Purcell’s first experience filing a tax return was under the supervision of his father when we has still in his teens.

“He sat me down with a 1040EZ and a W-2 and said, ‘fill these out.’” Purcell explained. “That’s how I really learned how to do taxes – from my dad showing me how to do it right and helping me along the way.” Purcell, who went to school for business and finance, has been preparing both personal and business taxes for clients for the past 27 years.

“For me, personally, I love it when we are able to educate clients about how they can make improvements. Sometimes just a couple simple changes could save them thousands of dollars in taxes.”

Purcell and his staff, Bobbie Marquardt and Sarah Davis – all three of them senior tax analysts – have clients in all fields of work including, but not limited to, resorts, restaurants, farming, small businesses and more.

Services include tax return preparation and filing, business services and estate trusts, bookkeeping and payroll services and business consulting.

“My staff is great. I hear over and over again about how clients feel they have an instant connection with Bobbie and Sarah,” Purcell said. “They have personalities that make people want to get to know them.”

Purcell himself splits his time between his branches and enjoys the fact that he can interact one on one with clients in various areas.

H&R Block Onamia is located at 309 Main St., Onamia, and available by phone at (320) 532-5572.

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